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FailureUsability.gov Guidelines - Some pages violate these guidelines.
FailureW3C Best Practices - Some pages violate these guidelines.
SuccessReadability - No issues found.
PriorityDescription and URLGuideline and Line#Count

Priority 2

3 issues on 2 pages

Very ImportantAvoid underlined text - people will click on it and think it's a broken link. Usability.gov 10:4 1 pages
Use something other than underlining for highlighting text, because it looks like a link, and users become frustrated when the "link" does not work.
https://www.we-are-digital.co.uk/hs-fs/hub/20293962/hub_generated/template_assets/50308081534/1644499105671/DD_Theme/modules/global/css/footer.min.cssLine 49
Very ImportantOmitting img width or height attributes makes the page layout jump about as images load. Usability.gov 14:3 W3C 1 pages
This makes the page very hard to read or click while it's loading. Fix by adding width and height attributes to the img tag matching the image dimensions. In responsive layouts, specifying width and height prevents layout jumping because the browser can pre-calculate the final image size when CSS like this is used: img { max-width: 100%; height: auto }
https://www.we-are-digital.co.uk/Line 286 293 300 307 314 ...
Very ImportantProvide a search option on each page of content-rich web sites. Usability.gov 17:4 1 pages
A search option should be provided on all pages where it may be useful - users should not have to return to the homepage to conduct a search. Search engines can be helpful on content-rich web sites, but do not add value on other types of sites.
https://www.we-are-digital.co.uk/Line 1

Priority 3

1 issues on 1 pages

ImportantUse at least a 12-point font on all web pages. Usability.gov 11:8 1 pages

For users over age 65, it may be better to use at least fourteen-point fonts. Never use less than nine-point font on a Web site. The following are all smaller than 12 point:

  • <p style="font-size: 11pt;" >
  • <p style="font-size: 15px;" >
  • <p style="font-size: small;" >
  • <font size="2" >
  • <font size="-1" >
https://www.we-are-digital.co.uk/hs-fs/hub/20293962/hub_generated/template_assets/50308659537/1644403267440/DD_Theme/assets/css/styles.min.cssLine 6071 6188

Priority 4

1 issues on 1 pages

Less ImportantUse site maps for web sites that have many pages. Usability.gov 7:10 1 pages
Site maps provide an overview of the Web site. They may display the hierarchy of the Web site, may be designed to resemble a traditional table of contents, or may be a simple index.
https://www.we-are-digital.co.uk/Line 1
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