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This tab shows site quality issues, including broken links and server configuration problems.

FailureBroken links - Some pages contain links that don't work.
SuccessServer configuration - No issues found.
SuccessASP, ASP.NET and PHP script errors - No issues found.
SuccessInternet RFCs - No issues found.
PriorityDescription and URLGuideline and Line#Count

Priority 1

1 issues on 1 pages

Fixing this depends on how the link became broken:
  • The link has been mistyped and should be fixed
  • The destination page has moved and the link should be updated
  • The destination page no longer exists and the link should be removed
  • A file has been accidentally deleted and should be replaced
Broken link: https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtm.js?id=GTM-NLJBCXF 404 Not Found
Line 70


These messages are for information only and do not indicate errors or conformance problems

InformationSpell checking was not enabled for this scan. 1 pages
If you want to check spelling, set the language using the Edit Scan command in OnDemand.
https://www.we-are-digital.co.uk/Line 1
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