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This tab shows accessibility issues, indicating problems for older users, people with disabilities or accessibility needs. Automated testing cannot detect all accessibility issues, so should be used alongside human testing.

LevelWCAG 2.1Section 508 - 2017Key
ALevel A, no issuesLevel A, no issuesCritical Pages with level A issues are unusable for some people
AALevel AA, 1 issuesLevel AA, 1 issuesVery Important Pages with level AA issues are very difficult to use
AAALevel AAA, 3 issuesLess Important Pages with level AAA issues can be difficult to use
PriorityDescription and URLGuideline and Line#Count

Level AA

1 issues on 1 pages

Very ImportantProvide two or more ways to reach each page: via links, search, a site map or table of contents. WCAG 2.1 AA 2.4.5 Section 508 (2017) AA 2.4.5 1 pages
You should provide a link labeled 'Site Map' or 'Sitemap' or the equivalent in your language, or a search option on every page, or links to all pages from the home page.
https://www.we-are-digital.co.uk/Line 1

Level AAA

3 issues on 1 pages

ImportantAvoid specifying a new window as the target of a link with target=_blank. WCAG 2.1 AAA F22 1 pages
Displaying new windows without warning can be very confusing to non-sighted and mobile users. Some screen readers and mobile devices give very little indication a new tab or window has opened. If you cannot avoid displaying a new window, insert an "opens in a new window" warning into the link text or add the warning to the link using a title attribute or aria-label attribute.
https://www.we-are-digital.co.uk/Line 488 494 500 506
ImportantDon't use CSS animations or transitions in interactions without giving the user a way to turn them off. WCAG 2.1 2.3.3 1 pages
Use the @media (prefers-reduced-motion) media query to respect user preferences.
:hover transition: all 0.001s :hover transition: all 0.001s :hover transition: all 0.001s :hover transition: all 0.001s :hover transition: all 0.001s
Line 129 135 148 469 473 ...
ImportantEnsure that text and background colors have a 7:1 contrast ratio. WCAG 2.1 AAA 1.4.6 1 pages

Some users find it hard to read light gray text on a white background, dark gray text on a black background and white text on a red background.

Note: The default link color in IE11 has poor contrast on a white background. Fix by specifying a:link and a:visited colors in CSS.

  • The contrast ratio should be 4.5 or more for 18 point text, or larger
  • The contrast ratio should be 4.5 or more for 14 point bold text, or larger
  • The contrast ratio should be 7.0 or more for all other text
The text color to background color contrast ratio after composition is:
4.12 with color: rgb(156,95,164);background-color: rgb(245,242,245);font-size: 48pt;font-weight: 700;
Line 251
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