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This tab shows accessibility issues, indicating problems for older users, people with disabilities or accessibility needs. Automated testing cannot detect all accessibility issues, so should be used alongside human testing.

LevelWCAG 2.1Section 508 - 2017Key
ALevel A, no issuesCritical, no issuesCritical Pages with level A issues are unusable for some people
AALevel AA, no issuesVery Important, no issuesVery Important Pages with level AA issues are very difficult to use
AAALevel AAA, no issuesLess Important Pages with level AAA issues can be difficult to use
PriorityDescription and URLGuideline and Line#Count


These messages are for information only and do not indicate errors or conformance problems

InformationWCAG Success Criteria 4.1.1 is always satisfied for HTML and XML pages. WCAG 2.1 4.1.1 1 pages
Since WCAG 2 4.1.1 was written, the HTML Standard has added requirements specifying exactly how browsers handle incomplete markup, incorrectly nested elements, duplicate attributes, and duplicate IDs. This means the "except where the specifications allow" condition in 4.1.1 is satisfied.
https://www.powermapper.com/Line 1
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