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FailureUsability.gov Guidelines - Some pages violate these guidelines.
FailureW3C Best Practices - Some pages violate these guidelines.
SuccessReadability - No issues found.
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Priority 1

1 issues on 8 pages

CriticalHave a link labeled 'Home' on every page on the site, except for the home page.Usability.gov 5:1 8 pages
Many sites place the organization's logo on the top of every page and link it to the homepage. While many users expect logos are clickable, around 25% will not realize that links to the homepage. Therefore, include a link labeled 'Home' near the top of the page to help those users.
https://credit-ukraine.info/credit-online.htmlLine 1
https://credit-ukraine.info/mikrozajmy/118-dinero-kratkosrochnye-i-bez-zalogovye-onlajn-zajmy.htmlLine 1
https://credit-ukraine.info/politika-konfidencialnosti.htmlLine 1
https://credit-ukraine.info/uslovija-ispolzovanija.htmlLine 1
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Priority 2

3 issues on 9 pages

Very ImportantKeep URLs shorter than 78 characters so they don't wrap when emailed.W3C 1 pages
https://credit-ukraine.info/mikrozajmy/118-dinero-kratkosrochnye-i-bez-zalogovye-onlajn-zajmy.htmlLine 1
Very ImportantOmitting IMG WIDTH or HEIGHT attributes means page text jumps about as images load.Usability.gov 14:3 9 pages
This makes the page very hard to read while it's loading, and the user may click on the wrong link if it moves as it's being clicked. Add width and height attributes to the img tag matching the image dimensions. Authoring tools like Dreamweaver can automate this process.
https://credit-ukraine.info/Line 95 102 109 116 123 ...
https://credit-ukraine.info/mikrozajmy/118-dinero-kratkosrochnye-i-bez-zalogovye-onlajn-zajmy.htmlLine 154 172 190 406 414 ...
https://credit-ukraine.info/politika-konfidencialnosti.htmlLine 272 280 288 301 309 ...
https://credit-ukraine.info/uslovija-ispolzovanija.htmlLine 272 280 288 301 309 ...
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Very ImportantUse LABEL elements for each data entry field to show what data is expected.Usability.gov 13:5 9 pages
Make sure each INPUT field has an associated LABEL describing the field.
https://credit-ukraine.info/Line 58 494 786 787
https://credit-ukraine.info/mikrozajmy/118-dinero-kratkosrochnye-i-bez-zalogovye-onlajn-zajmy.htmlLine 65 217 540 541
https://credit-ukraine.info/politika-konfidencialnosti.htmlLine 62 114 406 407
https://credit-ukraine.info/uslovija-ispolzovanija.htmlLine 62 114 406 407
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Priority 3

1 issues on 9 pages

ImportantRadio buttons are easier to use than drop-downs when there are 6 choices or fewer.Usability.gov 13:9 9 pages
One usability study showed radio buttons give reliably better performance than drop-down lists for mutually exclusive selections. If screen space allows use radio buttons instead of lists/dropdowns with fewer than 7 items.
https://credit-ukraine.info/Line 58
https://credit-ukraine.info/mikrozajmy/118-dinero-kratkosrochnye-i-bez-zalogovye-onlajn-zajmy.htmlLine 65
https://credit-ukraine.info/politika-konfidencialnosti.htmlLine 62
https://credit-ukraine.info/uslovija-ispolzovanija.htmlLine 62
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