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This tab shows accessibility issues, indicating problems for older users, people with disabilities or accessibility needs. Automated testing cannot detect all accessibility issues, so should be used alongside human testing.

LevelWCAG 2.0Section 508 - 2017Key
ALevel A, 2 issuesLevel A, 2 issuesCritical Pages with level A issues are unusable for some people
AALevel AA, 2 issuesLevel AA, 2 issuesVery Important Pages with level AA issues are very difficult to use
AAALess Important Pages with level AAA issues can be difficult to use
PriorityDescription and URLGuideline and Line#Count

Level A

2 issues on 9 pages

CriticalEach A element must contain text or an IMG with an ALT attribute.WCAG 2.0 A F89 Section 508 (2017) A F89 9 pages
Add text to the link, or ALT text if the link contains an image. If there is no link text or the ALT text is blank, screen readers have nothing to read, so read out the URL instead.
https://avtopodbor.expert/Line 101
https://avtopodbor.expert/chelyabinsk/Line 76
https://avtopodbor.expert/krasnoyarsk/Line 76
https://avtopodbor.expert/spb/Line 76
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CriticalNo TITLE attributes found for the frames on these pages.WCAG 2.0 A 2.4.1 Section 508 (2017) A 2.4.1 1 pages
Add a TITLE attribute to each FRAME and IFRAME element (e.g. TITLE="Main Content"). Without a TITLE some screen readers read out the FRAME filename, which is usually meaningless.

IFRAMEs with no title cause problems in:

  • JAWS 14 and 15 with Firefox (the frame SRC filename is read instead)
  • VoiceOver on OSX 10.9 (a meaningless title like "Frame twelve" is read out)
https://avtopodbor.expert/Line 701

Level AA

2 issues on 9 pages

Very ImportantHeadings should not be empty.WCAG 2.0 AA G130 Section 508 (2017) AA G130 1 pages
Add text to the heading, or ALT text if the heading contains an image. Screen readers read out page headings, allowing users to quickly skip to a section, but some older screen readers do not ignore empty headings.

Impact on users:

  • SaToGo IE11 Windows 7 Heading: Reads following paragraph as heading.
https://avtopodbor.expert/Line 100
Very ImportantUse relative rather than absolute units in CSS property values.WCAG 2.0 AA 1.4.4 Section 508 (2017) AA 1.4.4 8 pages
Absolute units are CM, MM, IN, PC and PT. When used with fonts PX is also considered an absolute unit, because it isn't relative the user's preferred font size. Low-vision users, and a lot of people over 50, increase the browser default font size to make text easier to read. Absolute units ignore this user choice. Relative units like EM and percentages "stretch" according to the screen size and/or user's preferred font size, and work on a large range of devices.
https://avtopodbor.expert/chelyabinsk/Line 396 397
https://avtopodbor.expert/krasnoyarsk/Line 396 397
https://avtopodbor.expert/omsk/Line 393 394
https://avtopodbor.expert/spb/Line 422 423
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